Value added legal advice focusses on opportunities, not on risks.

As a specialist lawyer for labour law I advise companies and senior executives in domestic and international matters. I represent clients in all court instances in front of authorities and conciliation committees.

My expertise / advisory services offering:

  • Labour 4.0 and new/flexible forms of employment
  • Labour law related change projects
  • Interfaces between labour law and data privacy (IT, AI, software)
  • Termination agreements
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Corporate health management
  • Works council law/agreements between works councils and employer
  • Operational changes, sec. 111 et. seq. Works Constitution Act (BetrVG)
  • Transfer of undertaking (TUPE/ARD-transfer), sec. 613a Civil Code
  • Compliance/HR-Compliance
  • Employer branding/employer value proposition
  • Deployment of external personnel (temp agency workers, freelancer, self-employed)
  • Executive and senior executive matters (contract drafting/negotiation, exit scenarios)
  • Executive and supervisory board matters
  • High-impact industrial relations
  • International labour law/cross-border matters
  • Reconciliation of interests and social plans
  • Insolvency labour law
  • Internal investigations/workplace investigations/whistleblowing matters
  • Dismissals/termination of employment
  • Legal Design/Human Centric Design
  • Co-determination (group, company and works level)
  • Outsourcing
  • Redundancy programmes
  • Post-merger integration
  • HR project management (HR-PMO)
  • Collective bargaining law/collective agreements
  • Transaction advisory (M&A, mergers/spin-off/transformation of companies, liquidations)
  • Compensation schemes and transparency of pay
  • Contract design/contract drafting

Case study A:

Strategic labour law and change process advisory / execution

Successful advisory of a financial services provider when simplifying the corporate structure with a reduction of legal entities as well as a change in the works council structure. As a result, efficiency was increased, and costs decreased significantly.

  • Project preparation and management via white book and time table/process tracker
  • Analysis of works council representation governance and collective bargaining agreements
  • Analysis of works agreements. In particular group works agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of balance of interests and social plan agreements
  • Implementation of transfers of undertaking

Case Study B:

High impact Industrial Relations

Advisory of a US digital company on the impact and the collaboration with their works councils in change projects according to German, French and Italian labour law. Compliance analysis of works constitution and efficiency of industrial relation processes as well as project design, benchmarking and implementation. Subsequently increase in efficiency and effectiveness in collaboration with works council.

  • Analysis of works constitution (committees and agreements) as well as identification of To Dos for Works Constitution Act compliance
  • Identification of reorganization potential for a new, lawful works constitution
  • Legal design of the HR departments and high impact HR processes with an interface to the works council

Recommended lawyer in labour law

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